SHERA Product Gallery


SHERA Boards come in standard industry metric and imperial sizes and range from 4-20mm thicknesses covering applications such as ceilings, walling and flooring as well as decorative applications using our Decor Board range with specially profiled surface.

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Including regular square cut planks in both teak (deep wood grain) and cassia (a shallower, delicate wood grain) profiles, in coloured or uncoloured format; as well as shiplap plank in many different edge profiles.

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Splendid Planks

SHERA offer a range of shiplap plank in many different edge profiles, perfect for a more contemporary look in buildings such as offices to condominiums.

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SHERA Decking

This range of products includes floor planks, strips, eaves and other products, also made from fibre cement, used in areas where wood is commonly used in many types of buildings and applications.

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