By: Andrew | October 19, 2018

These images were sent to us by our partners in Poland who have recently used SHERA plank in a project with their client doing a housing siding project.

SHERA planks exterior siding
SHERA Planks in an exterior siding application

By: Andrew | June 08, 2018

Our partners in Spain, Eurocyd, sent us these images of an exterior housing siding project near Barcelona using SHERA Plank that has been painted in a blue colour which was specifically requested by the house owner.

SHERA planks exterior siding project in Spain
SHERA Planks being installed in an exterior siding project over OSB boards

By: Andrew | May 10, 2018

This reference project was for exterior siding done on a family home based in Catalonia, near Barcelona.

The building is a farmhouse and uses SHERA plank in a typical external siding application.

SHERA plank for exterior siding

By: Andrew | March 27, 2018

Here are a few photos of some siding on traditional housing in Lithuania using SHERA plank in Golden Sand Teak, giving a beautiful natural wood aesthetic to the building.

Fibre cement siding in Europe
Golden Sand Teak coloured plank from SHERA

By: Andrew | May 10, 2017

Below are a few snaps of a project using SHERA Plank as fibre cement siding for an application on an apartment building in Poland. In this case the planks were painted locally and the natural wood colour and wood grain texture really give the appearance of natural wood; we think you will agree the planks look pretty good.

SHERA Plank is a fibre cement siding material suitable for housing, apartments, offices and many other applications, even fencing.  SHERA Plank is available in both square cut (overlap) style and also shiplap style.

SHERA Plank fibre cement external siding Poland
SHERA Plank Siding application in Poland

By: Andrew | March 31, 2017

Here are a few images of a recent external siding project in Lithuania using SHERA Plank, Afromosia colour, 3 metre length with the popular 'teak' wood style surface profile.

External siding using SHERA fibre cement plank in Lithuania
SHERA Plank external siding

By: Andrew | February 03, 2017

Our partners in Lithuania JSC Paladija have created this excellent video showing how to install SHERA plank in exterior siding applications.

By: Andrew | January 24, 2017

We love these photos of a contemporary exterior siding project done in Slovakia using SHERA Plank.

The wood effect colour gives such a nice tone and contrast with the surroundings that perfectly sets of the teak wood grain profile.

SHERA plank external siding in Slovakia
SHERA Plank in use on an contemporary external siding application

By: Andrew | December 07, 2016

We've been doing a lot recently related to exterior siding, both in terms of developing marketing materials for the European region and also publishing images of reference projects for exterior siding applications in various countries in Europe, provided by our partners in the region.

The images below are from a coupe of external siding application projects in Slovakia, using SHERA Plank.

external siding applications using SHERA plank
Traditional style cottages are the perfect building type for SHERA planks external siding

By: Andrew | December 06, 2016

We have just released our new website page and brochure for external siding applications using SHERA Plank, such as housing and low rise apartment and office buildings.

Check it out and download the brochure, here

By: Andrew | November 03, 2016

SHERA Planks come in pre-painted colours but often people want to go down the DIY route and paint them themselves. 

Out partners in the Baltic region Stitus MB made this video to help their customers learn how to paint SHERA Planks.

By: Andrew | November 02, 2016

Shera planks are now in Poland!

Our stockist in the Balitc region Stitus MB have been very busy lately attending events in the area and have reported a rise in the number of enquiries for SHERA products in Poland.

On this particular exterior siding project the owner used SHERA Planks in their raw format and installed and painted them himself.

SHERA Plank fibre cement siding now available in Poland
SHERA Planks painted with a wood like paint give a unique elegance to any siding application