Case Study for SHERA Strip - Clinic in Cyprus

02.03.20 12:03 PM By Andrew

SHERA Strip is a fibre cement facade strip for use on all kinds of buildings as an external facade material. In this case study, SHERA Strip is used as an external wall facade along with SHERA Board.

SHERA Strip fibre cement facade strips

Renovation of a Clinic - 350 m2 Covered Area

Timeframe to Completion: 60 days

Construction Company: Ikodomia, Cyprus

SHERA Partner: Ikoliving Products Ltd, Cyprus

Project Parameters

The existing building was of the wrong architectural style required and had been deteriorating for some time - a renovation was needed. And, it was needed fast, economically and had to be of a contemporary architectural style.

SHERA strip reference project Cyprus
The building was in desparate need of renovation and a new, modern look

Solution - Use Drywall Construction Materials and Methods

The first step was to take apart all the unnecessary elements of the wall/facade.

SHERA Strip is a fibre cement facade material for external walls

Exterior walls were created with SHERA Board (10mm), steel studs and insulation.

Exterior wall boards from SHERA

An architectural façade was created with steel and covered with 8mm SHERA Board

The solution was elastic as it is critical to consider material applications that tolerate movement.

Furthermore a breathable façade was required since the old building might have suffered from humidity concentrations.

Architectural facades using SHERA fiber cement board

Wooden Appearance Facade Using SHERA Strip

Wooden support battens were placed in 600mm c.c.

The support battens and the background area were painted with a black water repellent; then SHERA Strips were fixed with a nail gun onto the wooden battens. 

SHERA Strips gives that perfect wooden appearance facade

Panel Appearance with SHERA Boards

Square cut boards in dimensions of 8*700 * 1200 mm were placed on top of the façade as a finished material.

PU was placed 10mm inside of board edges before installation for water proofing

The Result...

Exterior Walls with SHERA Boards.

Panel Appearance with SHERA Boards.
Wood Appearance with SHERA Strips.

Exterior wall in panel and wood appearance using SHERA Board and SHERA Strip
Panel Appearance with SHERA Boards. Wood Appearance with SHERA Strips. Exterior Walls with SHERA Boards


Use of SHERA Boards and SHERA Strip for this application resulted in several benefits:

  • Normal drywall construction methods.
  • Rapid construction - this project was delivered in 54 days!
  • Exterior walls with SHERA Board 10mm thickness.
  • Panel appearance with SHERA Board 8mm thickness.
  • Wood appearance facade with SHERA Strips.



SHERA Strip dimensions are 3m length and multiple widths: 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.

Edge Profiles

SHERA Strip comes in square cut and v-cut edge profiles.

Surface Textures

SHERA strip is offered in teak (deep wood grain) surface texture as well as straight grain (a finer wood grain) or smooth surface texture.

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