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SHERA is a world leading manufacturer of fibre cement â€‹building materials

SHERA's diverse range includes construction boards, siding, decking, fencing, ceilings, eaves, strips and skirting that are suitable in a wide variety of building applications. SHERA have been leading the way in the fibre cement manufacturing sector since 1974. Click the applications below to see how our wide range of fibre cement building materials can be used in multiple building types and applications.

SHERA fibre cement board for exterior wall solutions
SHERA fiber cement planks for external siding applications
SHERA fiber cement floor planks for exterior decking solutions
SHERA fiber cement fence for exterior fencing applications
SHERA Board for interior wall solutions
SHERA Floor Board fibre cement boards for raised floor solutions
SHERA fiber cement roof tiles for industrial roofing applications
SHERA Ceiling Board for interior and exterior ceiling applications
SHERA deco board for decorative wall facade applications

International Standards

 SHERA fibre cement building materials are CE marked and comply to international standards
  •  CE Mark
  • Declaration of Performance
  • Environmental
  • Fire
  • Impact
  • ISO
  • Quality
  • Acoustic Insulation
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Miscellaneous