• SHERA Boards for 
    Steel Joist Floor Systems

    SHERA Floor Boards are strong and extremely resilient, making them the perfect choice for rapid construction, 
    steel floor joist systems

SHERA Board for Use in Steel Floor Joist Floor Systems

SHERA Floor boards come in 15mm, 18mm and 20mm thickness and are a suitable component for steel floor joist systems.

SHERA Floor Boards can be used in a steel floor joist system

SHERA Boards are suitable for a variety of applications. Our 'floor board' thicknesses come in three thicknesses: 15mm, 18mm and 20mm.

The floor boards can be used in applications such as the steel joist floor systems that require construction to be cost effective, time saving and cleaner than concrete flooring.

SHERA fibre cement floor boards being used in steel floor joist construction

SHERA Floor Boards of 15mm thickness are being used in this image of a steel floor joist system on a villa project in Cyprus. 

The rapid construction allows many benefits and the boards themselves are flexible with a high degree of workability for installers.

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