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  • SHERA for Fencing Applications

    SHERA Fence is the perfect construction material for use in all kinds of exterior fencing applications. From gardens, to car ports; verandas to parks and outdoor dining areas, SHERA Fence provides a tough yet beautiful fencing material that closely resembles real wood.

​Exterior Fencing Applications Using SHERA Fence

Typical Applications of SHERA Fence

SHERA Fence is a tough fibre cement fence plank that is the perfect material for exterior fencing or screen applications in areas such as

  • Gardens
  • Public spaces
  • Pool sides
  • Outdoor dining areas
  • Parks
  • Exterior terraces
  • Sun decks
  • Sports grounds
  • Any other kind of external landscaped area

Benefits of SHERA Fence

  • Does not rot
  • Resistant to insects
  • Impervious to mold and damp
  • Easy to clean
  • Fire resistant - perfect for decorative fencing/balustrades on high rise applications where fire resistance is required.

SHERA Fence - The perfect Material for Garden Fencing

SHERA Fence comes in an uncoloured smooth format providing maximum flexibility for painting or wood staining, which can be done before or after installation, using any water based acrylic paint.

Below: SHERA Fence smooth, uncoloured has been installed on a house boundary and painted in white. 

SHERA Fence smooth texture fibre cement housing fencing
Housing boundary fencing using SHERA Fence in smooth texture

A Variety of Other Fence Applications

Exterior fencing applications using SHERA Fence
SHERA Fence around a swimming pool
SHERA Fence is a fibre cement, low maintenance, easy to install exterior fence product

Uncoloured and Coloured Options Available

SHERA Fence comes in uncoloured smooth format and also in two new colours with a straight grain wood surface texture.

  • SHERA Fence - 12x100x3000mm, smooth surface, modern profile (square end), uncoloured 
  • SHERA Fence - 12x100x3000mm, straight grain surface, modern profile (square end), Shine light Red Oak 
  • SHERA Fence - 12x100x3000mm, straight grain surface, modern profile (square end), Shine light Oak 
SHERA Fence fibre cement fence planks

SHERA Fence Installation Methods

Horizontal Installation

SHERA Fence can be installed in horizontal fence applications:

SHERA Fence horizontal fence application

Vertical Installation

SHERA Fence can also be installed in vertical fence applications:

SHERA Fence vertical fence application

Tools and Accessories

No special tools are required. SHERA Fence can be installed using self drilling screws and a standard 550W power drill at a speed of 0-2500rpm and using SHERA screws. SHERA Fence can be cut using an electric power saw with a diamond blade.

SHERA screw and other accessories


SHERA Fence is tough long lasting fibre cement fence