• SHERA Decking Applications

    SHERA Floor Planks offer a perfect decking material with their beautiful wood grain profiles and colours, routing lines and edges. Suitable for a variety of external or internal decking applications SHERA Floor Planks are perfect for all your decking needs.

SHERA Floor Planks for the Perfect Decking Application

​SHERA Floor Plank is an A1 rated decking board that comes in beautiful wood grain profiles, colours, routing lines and edges.

SHERA fibre cement decking is a fire resistant decking plank

Suitable for a variety of external decking applications, including pool decking, balconies, sun terraces or patios, SHERA floor plank is a fire resistant, strong decking plank in wood colours that is a perfect match for all your decking needs.

​Nature Provides the Ingredients

Using water, sand, cement and cellulose fibres, combined with SHERA's unique autocloave treatment during the curing process, the end result is a very strong and durable fibre cement composite material, extremely light weight for it's strength!

Results That Rock!

The perfect alternative to traditional wood decking, SHERA Floor Plank is easy to maintain, tough, rot and fire resistant. SHERA Floor Plank is a unique fibre cement composite consisting of natural fibres bonded tightly in a high-grade silicate structure. The result is a material that is highly durable, flexible, water resistant, fire proof, resistant to insects and chemical corrosion. SHERA Floor Planks can be used in all kinds of interior and exterior decking applications in a wide variety of building types.

SHERA Decking in a poolside decking application

Wood Texture and Colours

Exterior landing using SHERA Decking Floor Plank

SHERA Floor Planks come in a realistic and elegant, straight grain wood profile as well as several different wood colours and formats.

Colour Through

SHERA ‘colour through’ Floor Planks have the colour pigment mixed into the product and come in three metre length and various wood colours.

SHERA Colour Through fibre cement floor plank - Brown WengeSHERA Colour Through fibre cement floor plank - Golden Sand Teak
Brown WengeGolden Sand Teak
SHERA Colour Through fibre cement floor plank - Tropical OakSHERA Colour Through fibre cement floor plank - Brown Cheznut
Tropical OakBrown Cheznut

Non-Slip Coatings for Demanding Applications

SHERA colour through decking is available in standard and also an anti slip coating tested to BS 7976-2:2002 for applications that require extra slip protection.

Colour Through with Grooves

SHERA Floor Plank in the colour through format also comes in a ‘grooved’ style, with a single v-cut groove along the centre of the plank, which allows you to create a unique look for your decking yet minimise the volume of planks required for your project.

SHERA Colour Through fibre cement floor plank - single grooveSHERA Colour Through fibre cement floor plank - single groove for seamless plank appearance

Availability of Colour Through

SHERA Floor Plank comes in colour through format in four wood colours
* Minimum order may apply on certain colours

** Available on 200mm width plank

Colour on Top

SHERA Floor Planks in ‘Colour On Top’ format are a tough fibre cement floor plank with a coloured paint coating applied on the surface of the plank.

SHERA Colour  on Top fibre cement floor plank - Modern GreySHERA Colour  on Top fibre cement floor plank - Merbau Brown
Modern GreyMerbau Brown
SHERA Colour  on Top fibre cement floor plank - Shine Light Red OakSHERA Colour  on Top fibre cement floor plank - Red Berry
Shine Light Red OakRed Berry

Availability of Colour on Top

* Minimum order may apply

Clip Lock

SHERA Floor Plank clip lock jointing system

Clip Lock Joint System

SHERA Floor Plank also comes in a new ’Clip Lock’ joint style, which allows you to clip the floor planks together using a joint insert.

The clip lock mechanism eliminates the need for drilling and screwing through the surface of the floor planks.

This range is available in 'Colour on Top' or 'Colour Through' formats.

SHERA Colour  on Top fibre cement floor plank - clip lock single plank
Clip Lock Single Plank in Modern Grey
SHERA Colour  on Top fibre cement floor plank - clip lock single groove
Clip Lock with Groove in Beech

Clip Lock in Colour Through

SHERA Clip Lock fire resistant decking now comes in colour through colours

Availability of Clip Lock

The SHERA Clip Lock range is now available in both 150mm and 200mm width and in 'colour on top' and 'colour through' formats, with the option to add an anti slip coating.

SHERA Clip Lock decking is an easy to install, fire resistant fibre cement decking plank

* Minimum order quantity may apply

** Full plank width 200mm

Fire Resistant Decking Material

SHERA Floor Plank is an A1 building material, which means it is fire resistant and does not produce smoke or droplets when exposed to fire. 

SHERA decking plank is an A2s1d0 rated fire resistant decking material

SHERA Floor planks are CE marked and are suitable for use in building applications where fire regulations require a minimum of A2 rated decking materials such as exterior balconies on high rise buildings.

Other Applications

  • Exterior wall balconies
  • Exterior decking
  • Roof top decking
  • Pool decking
  • Public space/public walkway decking
SHERA Floor Planks are compatible with building fire regulations for A2s1d0 rated materials

Technical Data

Physical Properties
 Thickness Tolerance ASTM C1185: +/- 1.5 mm
 Density ASTM C1186 – 1336 kg/m3
 Modulus of RuptureASTM C1185: ≥ 11 MPa (EMC)
 Toughness≥ 12 J/m2 (EMC)
Water AbsorptionASTM C1185: < 35%
Moisture ContentASTM C1185: < 15%
Water Tightness Pass
 PH Value ISO 10390:2005: PH 7-8
 Fire Resistance Properties
Resistance to  Ignitibility BS476 Part 5:  Pass
 Fire Propagation IndexBS476 Part 6: Pass I = 0.1
 Surface Spread of FlameBS476 Part 7: Pass Class 1
Reaction to Fire ClassificationBS EN 13501-1:2018 - Classification A1
 Freeze/Thaw ResistanceBS EN12467 1.0 (Pass)
 Warm Water ResistanceBS EN12467 0.95 (Pass)
 Heat / Rain ResistanceBS EN12467 No cracks or structural alteration
 Soak / Dry Resistance
BS EN 12467 0.92 (Pass)


SHERA Floor Planks are the perfect material for exterior decking on both timber & steel frames.

SHERA Floor Plank in a pool side application
  • Pool areas
  • Balconies
  • Exterior terraces
  • Sun decks
  • Elevated platforms
  • Any other kind of external decking on residential, commercial or recreational buildings.


SHERA Floor Plank comes with a range of accessories such as screws for steel and wood frames, plus SHERA Screw Plugs, SHERA Non-Slip Paint and SHERA Touch Up Paint.

SHERA Screws

SHERA Floor Plank can be installed using self drilling or pre-drilled holes with SHERA Screws for steel or timber frames.

SHERA Screw is an accessory for your decking applicationShera Screw FIX-W45 for frame <4 mm thick

Screw to attach SHERA Floor Planks to steel joists. Specifications:

Bore Diameter: 3.26mm
Tensile: 5,150N
Shear: 4,250N
Maximum Attachment: 35mm
Drilling Capacity: 3.2mm
Length: 45mm.
Package: 250 pcs/box
SHERA Screw is an accessory for your decking application Shera Screw FIX-T 1 3/4”

Screw to attach SHERA board to timber joists.  Specifications:

Bore Diameter: 3.26mm
Tensile: 5,150N
Shear: 4,250N
Maximum Attachment: 37mm
Drilling Capacity: n/a
Length: 45mm.
Package: 250 pcs/box

SHERA Decking Screw Plugs

SHERA Screw Plugs are used for covering screw heads in your decking application SHERA Screw Plugs come in the same colours as SHERA Floor Planks and provide a seamless covering of screw holes when installing SHERA Floor Planks.

Package: 250 pcs per box

SHERA Touch Up Paint

SHERA Touch Up Paint can be used to repair any damages to your painted SHERA Floor Planks SHERA Touch Up Paint is an acrylic paint calibrated to be used with SHERA Floor Planks.
It can be applied to SHERA Floor Planks to cover up small surface scratches from normal wear and tear, screw holes, chips and so on.

Package: 0.5 litres per can.

Installation Tools

SHERA Floor Plank can be installed using self drilling or pre-drilled holes with regular screws and cut using an electric power saw with a diamond blade.

Screw Gun

Power Output: 550W
Speed: 0-2500rpm
Speed of the screw gun should be adjusted to 1,500 rpm for better screw taping.
Circular Saw

Blade diameter 110 mm (4 3/8”)
Max. cutting capacity 32 mm (1¼”)
Continuous rating input 1,200 w
No load speed 13,000 rpm
Diamond cutter blade.
Circular saw should have an attached vacuum system for collecting dust created from dry cutting.
 Diamond Cutter Blade
SHERA decking is the perfect exterior decking material
SHERA Floor Plank in an exterior veranda decking application

Transport, Storage & Handling

Stacking & Storage

Store in a shaded, dry and level area on 5 timber bases 500mm apart.
Pallets should be transported using a forklift.
If the products will be stored for any length of time move to well ventilated area and/or remove plastic shrink wrapping to prevent build up of condensation.

Lifting and Lowering Planks

Lift the planks from the stack in an upright position and be careful not to damage ends/edge when lifting and lowering planks.

Carry the planks with another worker/colleague if needed, holding one end each, with the plank in an upright position to avoid unnecessary flexing of the plank.
 Handling & Carrying SHERA Floor Plank

SHERA Floor Plank should be handled and carried correctly in order to avoid damage to the painted surfaces and to the edges and corners of the planks.

Planks should be carried in an upright position to avoid flexing.

Share the load with another worker/colleague if needed, holding one end each with the plank in an upright position.

Floor Planks should not be installed or painted when they are damp or wet.

General Maintenance & Care

SHERA Decking Plank is a fire resistant fibre cement decking plank

SHERA Floor Planks can be cleaned using warm water and soap with a soft sponge. Cleaning products that contain acid should not be used.

Check the application drainage system and water discharge outlets to ensure continuous water discharge beneath the decking system.
Ensure gaps between decking planks are free from mud, sand or leaves or any other source of blockage that may hinder correct drainage.

Use a wet cloth or soft brush to remove any mould that may have started growing on the decking planks if your decking has been exposed to moisture for a prolonged period.

Decking Furniture

Care should be taken when moving furniture, plant pots or other heavy objects to prevent scratching the plank surface.

Decking Plants
Use plant pot trays with any decking plants in order to prevent permanent exposure to water/damp/mud.


If you are installing your decking frame in a garden we recommend using a weed blanket underneath the decking in order to prevent weed growth underneath the decking.


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SHERA decking planks - high quality fibre cement planks for exterior decking applications