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  • SHERA for Decorative Cladding Applications

    SHERA's decorative cladding range include a variety of superb products, with a range of styles, sizes and surface patterns embossed on the top surface providing a unique look to any interior or exterior decorative cladding application. 

​Decorative Cladding Applications

SHERA offer a number of different products that are perfect for decorative cladding applications:

SHERA Deco Boards 


SHERA Planks

SHERA Deline & Shiplap Planks

​SHERA Deco Boards

The SHERA 'Deco Board' range is an extensive variety of decorative building boards for your building facade and decorative facade needs.


SHERA Deco Boards come in 6mm or 8mm x 1200mm x 2400mm size.

Decorative Surface Profiles

All of the profiles shown below are available in the above standard size decorative cladding board.


SHERA Deco Board comes in uncoloured format and can be painted with any water-based acrylic paint.

V-Groove Profile

SHERA Deco Board in the V-Groove surface profile is a very popular item and can be used on exterior/interior building walls as well as roof underlays.

Here it can be seen being used on an exterior decorative facade on a prestigious international school in Bangkok, Thailand.

Brick Profile

SHERA Deco Board in the new 'brick' surface profile.

Our newest SHERA decorative cladding board profile allows you to create a genuine masonry look and feel to your interior or exterior walls.  

The boards can be painted any colour - white as in this example, or brick red for a really realistic brick finish to your wall application.

Cassiano Profile

SHERA Deco Board in Cassiano profile gives your wall that 'plank' effect but offers the advantage of faster installation time by using standard sized building boards.

It can be used on interior or exterior walls and also ceilings and roof or balcony underlays.

Rocco Profile

SHERA Deco Board in Rocco profile can be used on interior or exterior wall applications.  

As it is easy to cut it can be applied to multiple different applications - in this example the the Rocco profile Deco Board is being used as decorative facade on sun shade support columns.

Stucco Profile

SHERA Deco Board in Stucco profile gives the wall the traditional stucco look.

It can be painted in any colour using a normal water-based acrylic paint and in this example you can see the boards have been cut to strips and installed with a visible joints appearance.

Examples of Decorative Cladding Using SHERA Deco Board

​SHERA Strip

SHERA Strip used in a decorative facade application

SHERA Strip is a unique fibre cement, decorative strip product for use in interior and exterior decorative facade applications.

In the image to the left you can see the exterior wall has been installed using SHERA Board in 12mm and the decorative cladding has been completed using SHERA Strip, painted in a wood colour using an acrylic paint.

SHERA Strip is now available in a new texture ('Straight Grain') and new colours: 
  • Beech
  • Modern Grey
  • Shine Light Red Oak
  • Shine Light Oak

SHERA Strip is a fantastic option for exterior facading to enhance the look of the building exterior.

As SHERA Strip is also made from fibre cement it too is fire resistant and is therefore the perfect material for decorative facades for exterior walls and balconies, including balcony or roof underlays.

SHERA Strip comes in a variety of widths, edge cuts, surface profiles and colours and is a truly versatile decorative facade material.

SHERA Strip in use as a decorative facade material, in this example it is the standard SHERA Strip product, v-cut edge, which comes in uncoloured format and can be painted prior to installation or on site.

SHEREA Strip is a fire resistant decorative facade material

And, as it is made from the same fibre cement material as SHERA Boards and SHERA Planks, SHERA Strip has the same water/insect/rot/fire resistant properties. 

​SHERA Plank

Normally associated with a full-on siding application, SHERA Plank is actually a superb example of the versatility of SHERA products. Perfectly suited to decorative cladding, SHERA Plank has a range of decorative applications.

Examples of Decorative Cladding Using SHERA Plank

​SHERA Shiplap & SHERA Deline Plank

SHERA's shiplap standard plank range and the new shiplap 'Deline Plank' range are perfect for a 'modern'/contemporary, decorative cladding applications on a variety of building types, interior and exterior, from office rooms, to bathrooms, to house walls and patios.

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