• SHERA for Soffit Applications

    SHERA have a variety of products that are suitable to soffit applications, from strips to planks and more...

SHERA Products for Soffit Applications

SHERA have a wide range of products that can be used for eave soffits.

Due to the robust nature of fibre cement and the fact it is are impervious to insect and weather damage from water and ice, they make the perfect choice for any soffit application. 

SHERA Strip for Soffit Applications

SHERA Strips can be used for strip style ceiling applications with the appearance of real wood.

SHERA Strip used in wood appearance applications
SHERA Strip as decorative roof soffit underlay

SHERA Strip can be used as roof soffits or as a roofing or balcony underlay material.

This example was applied using one of the uncoloured SHERA Strip options and painted prior to or during installation according to the project requirements.

SHERA Plank for Soffit Applications

SHERA Plank can also be used for soffit applications.

Tough, durable and impervious to water and extreme temperature changes, SHERA's square cut and shiplap range are both suitable and can be used on this common application.

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