• SHERA Board for Use in Exterior 
    ‚Äč'Wind Blocker' Applications

    Due to its tough composition and superb durability, SHERA Board can be used as the perfect component in any exterior, high rise 'wind blocker' type application.

SHERA Board for Use in Exterior High Rise 
'Wind Stopper' Applications

SHERA Board in a windstopper application

SHERA Board has an extremely high durability and is certified to EN12467 standards, which makes it the perfect component for any exterior, 'wind blocker' type application.

Impervious to damage from rain or snow or sunlight, SHERA Boards can be applied for 6-12 months to the exterior of any high rise building during the construction phase and then covered at the end of the project with the final exterior facade material.  

SHERA Board for exterior windstopping applications on high rise buildings

Quick to install, easy workability, SHERA Board can be installed on the building exterior and joints sealed with our own PU Sealant or UV resistant tape.

SHERA Board exterior wall solution

The final building facade style and material can be applied as required, based on the building designs: 

> Paint/Sealant

> Screens

> Cladding

> Render

> And more...

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