• SHERA Board for Firewall Applications

    SHERA is an A1 category foire resistant, fibre cement board perfect as a component in firewall applications.

SHERA Board for Use in Firewall Applications

SHERA Board is a tough, fibrous bond of cement, cellulose fibre and sand, with impressive strength, durability and a high degree of flexibility and workability that is a perfect choice for a component of any interior or exterior firewall application.

Exterior Fire Resistant Board

SHERA Board in a high rise application

SHERA Board has been tested in accordance with EN13501-1 standards and is rated as an A1 category board.

SHERA Board does not ignite, burn or release smoke or droplets, so it is perfectly suited as an exterior cladding board for high rise applications where fire rating is required.

Interior Fire Resistant Walls

SHERA Board is a fire resistant fiebre cement board tested in accordance with BS476
Fire testing of SHERA Board in accordance with BS476
SHERA Board is an A1 category fibre cement board that is also perfect for use as a component in drywall fire partitions. SHERA Board has been tested as a drywall firewall component to BS476 standards in accordance with BS476 Part 22: 1987 "Methods for Determination of the Fire Resistance of Non-loadbearing Elements of Construction - Determination of the Fire Resistance of Partition".

The tests performed on SHERA Board according to the BS476 standard were for 

60 mins

120 mins

Infillwall Firewalls

Another innovative firewall application utilising SHERA Board is SHERA's own 'Infillwall' solution.  

SHERA Infillwall using SHERA Board for fire resistant wall applications

SHERA Infillwall consists of using SHERA Board and various other components such as steel frames and a lightweight concrete 'infill', to install lightweight walling for internal and external applications.  

The combination of the fire resistant, fibre cement SHERA Boards and lightweight concrete infill provide a very robust fire resistant barrier for a firewall solution. 

Other benefits are a greatly reduced installation time as well as cleaner and less labour intensive, which result in overall potential cost savings.

SHERA Board is An A1 Category Fire Resistant Board

SHERA Board is an A1 category fire resistant building board perfect for use as a component in any firewall application. 

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