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SHERA Fibre Cement Fencing

SHERA Fence offers a suitable alternative to real wood fencing and garden screens with both smooth and wood grain profiles as well as square and curve top end profiles.

SHERA fence is an autoclaved cellulose fibre cement composite product that contains absolutely NO asbestos fibre. SHERA fence is designed for exterior use on house or commercial fencing applications. SHERA Fence has impressive properties such as toughness, lengthwise stability, flexibility and weather and fire resistance. 

Suitable in a variety of external fencing or screen applications SHERA Fence is the perfect choice for your landscaping needs.


SHERA Fence is:

- Weather resistant

- Immune to water damage
- Fire resistant
- Provides sound insulation
- Shatter resistant
- Low shrinkage
- Flexible
- High degree of workability
- Termite resistant

SHERA fibre cement materials Europe
SHERA fibre cement building materials CE Mark

Various Surface Profiles

Smooth Surface

SHERA Fence in smooth surface is perfect for the modern look required in applications such as residential gardens or commercial open spaces. The smooth surface fence comes in uncoloured format and can be painted before or after installation using any water based acrylic paint.

SHERA Fence comes in smooth and wood surface
SHERA Fence smooth surface

Wood Grain Surface

SHERA Fence now comes in a straight grain and coloured format in two new colours (see below). The grain pattern is a delicate wood grain (opposite) that gives the appearance of real wood.

SHERA Fence in wood grain texture
SHERA Fence straight grain surface

Various Fence Options

SHERA Fence comes in smooth/uncoloured and straight grain/coloured options.

  • SHERA Fence - 12x100x3000mm, smooth surface, modern profile (square end), uncoloured 
  • SHERA Fence - 12x100x3000mm, straight grain surface, modern profile (square end), Shine Light Red Oak 
  • SHERA Fence - 12x100x3000mm, straight grain surface, modern profile (square end), Shine Light Oak 
SHERA Fence fibre cement fencing plankSHERA Fence is a tough, insect resistant fibre cement fence material


SHERA Fence can be used in various fence applications:

  • Gardens
  • Parks
  • Commercial green areas
  • Housing estates
  • Public areas
  • And more...

Click here to learn more about SHERA fence applications.

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