Enhance Building Aesthetics with SHERA Deco Board

25.03.15 02:48 PM By Andrew Wallace

Are you looking for a wall board with a difference?

Why not try SHERA Deco Board?

SHERA Deco Board enhances a building's natural aesthetics with a variety of embossed patterns on the surface of the board. 

The surface textures can give a unique quality to internal or external walls and as SHERA Deco Board is manufactured from the same fibre cement material as SHERA Board, you still have the same properties of durability, high impact strength, water, fire and insect resistance.

All of this makes it ideal for both internal and external decorations.  

SHERA fibre cement board comes in profiled surfaces
SHERA Deco Board - Stucco Profile
SHERA Deco Board
The Cassia profiled board gives the appearance of wood grain panelling
SHERA Deco Board Cassiano profile
Cassiano profile gives the appearance of wood plank facading
Rocco profile fibre cement boards UK
Rocco profile is effective in both interior walling applications...
SHERA Deco Board profiled fibre cement boards
And external walling applications in sheltered areas
SHERA fibre cement boards are now available in the UK
SHERA Deco Board - 'Rain' profile


SHERA Deco Board comes in both 6 and 8mm thicknesses and is 1200x2400mm in size. 

Ceiling Applications

The 6mm Deco Boards can easily be cut and used in ceiling applications.


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Andrew Wallace