Modern Looking Exterior Siding

19.10.18 02:45 PM By Andrew

These images were sent to us by our partners in Poland who have recently used SHERA plank in a project with their client doing a housing siding project.

SHERA planks exterior siding
SHERA Planks in an exterior siding application

The wood colour of our pre-painted siding planks range really gives a great striking contrast with the white colour of the wall, which can be constructed using SHERA board, then rendered to seamless jointing as an exterior drywall.

What we also liked about this project was the great use of SHERA Plank in other parts of the project though, namely the roofing elements: 

Versatile fibre cement plank product - SHERA Plank on housing project in Poland
SHERA Plank is not just for siding, here we see it being used as part of roofing components

SHERA Plank is also a perfect material as we can see above for house roof eaves as it is easily cut and installed and looks fantastic as well as impervious to the weather and resistant to rotting or insect damage.

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