Novel Use of SHERA Floor Plank

14.06.15 10:13 AM By Andrew Wallace

OK, so it's not exactly a 'floor', far from it, but we thought you would like to see just how versatile SHERA products can be, and to demonstrate that a name is just a name; in fact the only limit is your imagination!

In the image below I thought I recognised a certain floor plank when passing an outhouse at a friend's place and sure enough, he told me he had used a section of SHERA floor plank as a window sill!

The window in question was placed in an old woodshed and has a nice stained glass effect to liven up an otherwise old outhouse building.  The new window sill has the appearance of wood, is tough beyond belief, will never rot or be eaten by insects, extremely functional, and can be painted in the same colour as the surrounding window frame... job done!

SHERA Floor Plank fibre cement planking perfect for floor or decking applications
SHERA Floor Plank was cut to size and made the perfect window sill material!
Stained glass window with SHERA wood window sill