Render of Exterior Drywall on Housing Projects

26.09.18 11:58 AM By Andrew

This article is about how SHERA Boards can be used on an external drywall application, on housing or villa type projects in this case, in a butt joint installation with render, to give a seamless joint appearance on an exterior wall.

SHERA fibre cement boards render application
SHERA Boards are installed with butt joint then render is applied

Install 10mm or 12mm board as per the installation instructions using butt joints with SHERA PU sealant to prevent water penetration through the joints. 

In the image below you can see the joint between the SHERA fibre cement boards prior to rendering.

Apply SHERA cement bonding is applied to the surface of the boards to prevent excessive dust and improve the bonding of the render. This is optional but suggested to eliminate dust and to reduce cleaning effort at the construction site.

SHERA Board drywall construction material
SHERA Board is used in external drywall construction

Apply the first coat of render, followed by a mesh layer when the first coat is wet.  Once this has dried apply the top render coat as per the manufacturer's instructions. Apply elastomeric coating or paint as required/per the design requirements.

Distributors in Europe wanted for SHERA fibre cement Board
Seamless jointing in exterior rendered wall application

The finished result is a seamless exterior rendered wall. In this particular reference photo the building is  a villa, but this can also be applicable for any number of projects such as garages, car ports, house extensions and so on.

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