SHERA Develops Fibre Cement Paint

30.07.13 11:17 AM By Andrew Wallace

As easy as 1...2...3!

With over 10 years of experience asa leader in Fibre Cement manufacturing under the SHERA brand, our extensiveexpertise with Fibre Cement means we can literally build an entire homefrom this material, resulting in a more durable but equally as beautifulmaterial as natural wood.  

SHERA are pleased to announce anotheraddition to their extensive portfolio of fibre cement building products,that of SHERA paint, specially suited for application on fibre cement,with smaller pigment molecules that are able to penetrate fibre cementto a deeper and tighter level than other decorative paints.  

In addition, our water based paintsare easy to apply, fast drying, free from odours and can be used for internaland external painting applications.

SHERA Fpaint
SHERA fibre cement paint

SHERA Primer is specially suited forfibre cement. With our advanced technology in extra small paint pigmentproduction, SHERA created "Acrylic Nano" enabling the colourpigment to penetrate deep into the Fibre Cement to increase effectivenessof surface adhesion, durability and water resistance.

With our promise of green technology,SHERA Primers are lead and mercury free. We offer three types, all easilyapplied and fast-drying: EXTRA PRIMER, DECKING PRIMER, and PRIMER.

Fibre cement paint from SHERA
SHERA's paint is perfect for fibre cement building materials

SHERA Paint is especially formulatedspecifically for fibre cement painting, with Transparent and Monotone varietiessuited for both interior and exterior applications. SHERA Paint is labeled100% acrylic which provide beautiful colours, produced under the highestquality standards of leading fibre cement manufacturers.

SHERA top guard helps make your fibre cement paint strong and long lasting
SHERA fibre cement paint top guard

SHERA Paint will deeply penetrate intoFibre Cement which ensures a durability of 15 years of beautiful colourswithout fading and cracking. Our Super Premium pigment qualifies for UVProtection and is up to three times more durable than standard oil paints.SHERA Paint is mould and mildew resistant easy to apply, fast-to-dry, andfree of odours.

A beautiful home is as easy as 1, 2,3. Three simple steps that anyone can do: 1. Primer.  2. Paint.  3.Top Guard.

For more information and a SHERA paintcatalog, please contact us.

Andrew Wallace