SHERA Wood Products in Fencing Applications

02.04.15 07:31 AM By Andrew Wallace

We're going to run a series of blogs about the SHERA Wood range to highlight SHERA's diverse range of fibre cement wood products. From Fencing to Soffits, Floor Planks to Stairs, or Eaves to Roof Shake tiles, SHERA do them all. 

As we're coming into Spring here in Europe, we will start with the popular application of fencing.

What SHERA Products are Suitable for Fencing?

In truth, you can actually use a variety of SHERA products for fencing applications, for example:

SHERA planks fibre cement planking for fence applications
SHERA Planks being used in a fencing application in Cyprus
SHERA are producers of fiber cement building materials
Fencing using SHERA Decor Wood
SHERA plank is fibre cement cladding
SHERA Plank being used for Fencing
SHERA Plank can be used for fencing as well as cladding applications
Fencing in Malaysia using SHERA Plank
SHERA wood range is now available in UK
SHERA Strip being used in fencing and gate applications

However, SHERA have also developed a product that is specifically for use in fencing applications, SHERA Fence.

 SHERA Fence

SHERA Fence is an autoclaved cellulose fibre cement composite product that contains absolutely NO asbestos fibre, that can be used specifically for fencing applications.

SHERA Fence comes in 12mm thickness for added strength and also in two profiles - Modern (square cut) and Classic (a curve top edge), both are smooth texture and uncoloured but can be painted or stained as in the above examples.

SHERA Fence is fibre cement fencing
SHERA Fence comes in two profiles and a 12mm thickness

SHERA Fence is tough, strong, flexible and weather resistant.  It requires relatively low maintenance too as it is impervious to weather, insects and is even fire resistant.  No more rotting or damage from wood boring insects.  

SHERA fence is suitable for both residential and commercial segments; here are a few images of SHERA Fence in use around the world, that use various SHERA products in fencing applications.

Tech Specs

Modern profile (square cut end): 12mm x 100mm x 1500mm / 2.50kg

Classic profile (rounded end): 12mm x 100mm x 1500mm / 2.60kg

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