SHERA Plank Grey Series

04.05.23 01:03 PM By Andrew Wallace

SHERA Plank Now in Three Different Grey Colours

We are pleased to announce we've just released some exciting new Grey Colour Series colours to the following product ranges.

  • SHERA Plank (siding)
  • SHERA Decking (deck flooring)
  • SHERA Strip (exterior facade)
SHERA Plank in Modern Grey colour
We are pleased to announce SHERA's newest siding plank colours now come in the following exciting colours:

Light Grey

Modern Grey

Midnight Grey

    This gives a full range of grey tone colours from light to dark, allowing you to mix and match and create stunning designs for exterior siding. 

    Below we can see a house clad in SHERA modern Grey plank.
    SHERA Plank is a fibre cement siding plank

    Midnight Grey

    SHERA Plank Midnight Grey

    Here we can see the new SHERA Plank in Midnight Grey being used as exterior cladding around a patio doorway and window. 

    Note the decking is using the Modern Grey colour, which gives a great contrast of colours.                                                                

    Create Stunning Exteriors

    Add a visually striking, modern look to any exterior cladding project by mixing and matching different shades of Grey Series colours.

    Here we can see a mix of Midnight Grey and Light Grey on a section of exterior cladding.

    The grey colours are especially popular in Scandinavia, UK and western Europe and we have received a lot of interest already. As with our other colours, the new Grey Series is available on siding planks in the Teak surface profile in 3 metre and 4 metre lengths. 

    The result is a sunning and modern look to any exterior cladding project.

    Here you can see the contrast between Modern Grey and the new Midnight Grey. 

    Note the teak wood surface profile.

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