SHERA Europe Attend Seminars in Spain

06.12.16 09:00 AM By Andrew

SHERA Europe are proud to have been invited to attend seminars this month that were hosted by Fibran for their Spanish customers.

Topics covered included marketing, product and technical information and demonstrations of installation methods.

Drywall construction using SHERA board
Drywall construction using SHERA board

Mock installations were setup with examples of how to - and how not to - install SHERA boards for drywall construction.

The seminars covered installation methods too, such as use of SHERA accessories as PU sealant, jointing compound and so on.

SHERA jointing accessories are useful additions to the SHERA board range for drywall construction
Jointing of SHERA boards using SHERA jointing accesories

The seminar was a useful and effective means of transferring knowledge of SHERA boards and SHERA accessories to local stockists and contractors, both in terms of product knowledge and awareness and also installation techniques.

SHERA boards and jointing accessories for drywall construction and facades
SHERA boards and SHERA accessories