SHERA Exterior Siding in Popular Local Colours

08.06.18 12:26 PM By Andrew

Our partners in Spain, Eurocyd, sent us these images of an exterior housing siding project near Barcelona using SHERA Plank that has been painted in a blue colour which was specifically requested by the house owner.

SHERA planks exterior siding project in Spain
SHERA Planks being installed in an exterior siding project over OSB boards

The SHERA Planks were installed on OSB Boards. A waterproof membrane was installed between the OSB Board and the siding.

Although SHERA Planks come in a range of colours it may be the case that local tastes, or even personal preferences demand that they be painted locally. 

In this case the planks were ordered in uncoloured format and painted in the distinctive blue colour above by our stockists, Eurocyd, who supplied the project.

The siding was 170 m2 and took about 3 months to build from scratch.

SHERA Plank can be painted to local tastes giving flexibility for your external siding application
SHERA Plank can be painted to local tastes

SHERA Plank come in uncoloured and coloured formats, which means you can get uncoloured format and paint to local tastes prior to installation.

SHERA external siding plank, now available in Spain
SHERA Plank and SHERA Floor Plank can be used for siding and decking applications
The project starts to take shape
External siding application using SHERA Plank
Nearing project completion for an external siding application using SHERA Plank

In this case the client opted for traditional wooden decking but it is useful to know that SHERA also offer SHERA Decking Plank, which is a perfect alternative: tough, long lasting yet beautiful, this floor plank is the perfect material for any kind of exterior decking application.

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