SHERA Decking Planks

SHERA fibre cement decking plank provides the best substitution to natural wood decking and is suitable for a wide range of looks, whether traditional, heritage or contemporary, making it a perfect alternative for residential or commercial buildings. Also available is a choice of surface textures such as cassia and straight grain, with or without top routing lines, as well as paint options of colour through or colour on top painted formats and even clip lock edges for faster, seamless installation.

Benefits of SHERA Floor Planks

SHERA Floor Planks are:

- Weather resistant

- Immune to water damage
- Fire resistant A1
- Provides sound insulation
- Shatter resistant
- Low shrinkage
- Flexible
- High degree of workability
- Termite resistant

SHERA fibre cement materials Europe
SHERA fibre cement building materials CE Mark

Colour-Through Painted Format

SHERA Floor Plank comes in four wood like colours, in ‘colour-through’ format, resulting in less of a need for touch ups and repairs when planks are subjected to heavy foot traffic.

SHERA Floor Planks painted series
Cheznut Brown
SHERA Decking planks are available in wood like colours
Tropical Oak
SHERA Floor Plank colour through
Golden Sand Teak
SHERA Decking in real wood like colours
Brown Wenge

Colour Through with Grooves

SHERA Floor Plank in the colour through format is also available with single grooves in the centre of the plank.

SHERA Colour Through fibre cement floor plank - single grooveSHERA Colour Through fibre cement floor plank - single groove for seamless plank appearance

Availability of Colour Through Fibre Cement Decking Planks

SHERA fibre cement floor planks in painted format

Colour on Top

The colour on top range has the paint applied to the raw fibre cement plank, which is a natural cementitious grey colour.

SHERA Colour  on Top fibre cement floor plank - Modern GreySHERA Colour  on Top fibre cement floor plank - Merbau Brown
Modern GreyMerbau Brown
SHERA Colour  on Top fibre cement floor plank - Shine Light Red OakSHERA Colour  on Top fibre cement floor plank - Red Berry
Shine Light Red OakRed Berry

Availability of Colour on Top

Clip Lock

The new clip lock style eliminates the need for drilling and attaching the planks through the surface.

SHERA Colour  on Top fibre cement floor plank - clip lock single plank
Clip Lock
SHERA Colour  on Top fibre cement floor plank - clip lock single groove
Clip Lock with Groove

Availability of Clip Lock

Technical Data

Physical Properties
 Thickness Tolerance ASTM C1185: +/- 1.5 mm
 Density ASTM C1186 – 1336 kg/m3
 Modulus of RuptureASTM C1185: ≥ 11 MPa (EMC)
 Toughness≥ 12 J/m2 (EMC)
Water AbsorptionASTM C1185: < 35%
Moisture ContentASTM C1185: < 15%
Water Tightness Pass
 PH Value ISO 10390:2005: PH 7-8
 Fire Resistance Properties
Resistance to  Ignitibility BS476 Part 5:  Pass
 Fire Propagation IndexBS476 Part 6: Pass I = 0.1
 Surface Spread of FlameBS476 Part 7: Pass Class 1
Reaction to Fire ClassificationBS EN 13501-1:2018 - Classification A1
 Freeze/Thaw ResistanceBS EN12467 1.0 (Pass)
 Warm Water ResistanceBS EN12467 0.95 (Pass)
 Heat / Rain ResistanceBS EN12467 No cracks or structural alteration
 Soak / Dry Resistance
BS EN 12467 0.92 (Pass)

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