SHERA Plank Used for Exterior Siding Application in Poland

10.05.17 12:59 PM By Andrew

Below are a few snaps of a project using SHERA Plank as fibre cement siding for an application on an apartment building in Poland. In this case the planks were painted locally and the natural wood colour and wood grain texture really give the appearance of natural wood; we think you will agree the planks look pretty good.

SHERA Plank is a fibre cement siding material suitable for housing, apartments, offices and many other applications, even fencing.  SHERA Plank is available in both square cut (overlap) style and also shiplap style.

SHERA Plank fibre cement external siding Poland
SHERA Plank Siding application in Poland
SHERA plank exterior cladding planks Poland
Wood effect both in terms of the deep teak wood grain and wood colouring
SHERA siding Poland
SHERA Wood Series are a perfect wood alternative to exterior siding projects

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