Pool Decking Using SHERA Floor Plank

24.11.20 03:01 PM By Andrew

SHERA Decking Plank is the Perfect Material for Pool Decking

Here are a few images of SHERA Decking being used in pool decking applications.

SHERA Decking for pool applications

SHERA Decking Plank is made from fibre cement and is extremely strong, water and rot resistant.  

Our decking planks are impervious to splashes and effects of wood boring insects, sun rays and so on.

SHERA Decking for exterior decking applications

In addition, as you can see below, SHERA Plank, a fibre cement siding plank, also looks great on pool buildings such as changing rooms, cubicles, partitions and more!

SHERA fibre cement decking plank is perfect for pool applications

And did we mention SHERA Decking is certified fire resistant too?

Yes! SHERA Decking is certified fire resistant to A1fl (flooring) and A2s1d0 (exterior balconies on high rise buildings).

SHERA Decking is a perfect exterior decking material for pool areas

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