SHERA Board for Use in Windstopper Applications

09.12.22 11:07 AM By Andrew Wallace

SHERA Board in Temporary ‘Windstopper Façade’ Systems

SHERA Boards are fire resistant to Class A1 boards according to EN13501 standards and are also rot and insect resistant and able to stand up to varying weather conditions. The low coefficient of thermal expansion means SHERA Boards can stand wide temperature ranges without expanding/shrinking. They are extremely robust and have been fully tested to EN12467 standards.
SHERA Board used as a temporary facade solution
As SHERA Boards are designed to be used as an exterior wall boards, it is possible to apply insulation as well as render and other facade materials directly to the boards.
SHERA Board as a robust temporary exterior facade board

SHERA Boards can be used as a temporary so-called ‘Windstopper’ application together with SHERA’s own PU sealant to form a wind proof and waterproof sealed joint façade; or with a UV tape to form a membrane along the joints.

SHERA Board can be installed as part of a 'windstopper' application using one of two different jointing methods.

SHERA Board can be joined using multiple methods

The result: a tough, long lasting facade giving protection from the elements while an on-going construction project is completed.

SHERA Board as windstopper backerboard application
SHERA Board used in temporary windstopper and permanent exterior facade applications


SHERA Board is both a temporary ‘windstopper’ system , which can also be rendered for a permanent exterior wall facade!

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