SHERA Planks

SHERA plank is a unique fibre cement composite of natural fibres bonded tightly in a high-grade silicate structure. This autoclaved wood-grain siding acquires impressive toughness, yet remains flexible and dimensionally stable. It is a cellulose cement plank that contains absolutely no asbestos fibre, no fibre glass fibres or formaldehyde.

Benefits of SHERA Plank

SHERA Planks are:

- Weather resistant

- Immune to water damage
- Fire resistant
- Provides sound insulation
- Shatter resistant
- Low shrinkage
- Flexible
- High degree of workability
- Termite resistant

SHERA fibre cement materials Europe
SHERA fibre cement building materials CE Mark

SHERA Plank Categories

SHERA Plank comes in two main categories:

Square cut edge (overlapping style)

These planks are more 'traditional' and are used in external siding applications where the planks overlap the preceding rows. These planks come in Teak or Cassia or even smooth surface profiles and the Teak surface planks also come in coloured formats, see below.

Shiplap style

The planks have various profiled edges and give a more 'modern' shiplap look to your siding application. Edge profiles are shown below. The shiplap range are primarily uncoloured format and can be painted pre-installation or on site, using any acrylic water based paint. 

​SHERA Square Cut Edge Planks

Various Surface Profiles

SHERA plank is a fibre cement plank that looks like real wood and can be used as a wood substitute building material
Teak Surface Profile
SHERA Fibre cement plank comes in different profiles
Cassia Surface Profile
SHERA Plank smooth surface profile is perfect for modern look siding
Smooth Surface Profile

Various Colours

Wood Series Colour Range

SHERA Plank teak profile planks come in wood like colours

Contemporary Colour Range

SHERA Plank contemporary colours

* Coloured planks are Teak profile only

Latest Colours

SHERA fibre cement siding plank in modern grey colour

SHERA's square cut edge plank is now available in a 'Modern Grey' colour.

The square cut edge, coloured range has a teak wood surface profile and comes in both 150mm and 200 mm width and 3m or 4m lengths. 

Availability of SHERA Square Cut Planks

 Thickness (mm)Width (mm)  Length (mm) Weight (kg/pcs)Profile Colour Format
 8 150 3000 5.4Teak/Cassia  Uncoloured & Coloured
 8 200 3000 7.2 Teak/Cassia/SmoothUncoloured & Coloured
 8 150 4000 7.2Teak/ CassiaUncoloured & Coloured
 8 200 4000 9.6 Teak/CassiaUncoloured & Coloured

​SHERA Shiplap Planks

Various Edge Profiles

SHERA plank comes in various edge profiles suitable for different applications.

Shiplap planking for exterior siding
Fibre cement planks shiplap for exterior siding applications
Yellow Flame
Fibre cement shiplap plank
Exterior siding fibre cement shiplap planks
Modern Stagger
Orchid Tree shiplap plank profile
Orchid Tree

Latest Colours for SHERA Shiplap Planks

SHERA shiplkap planks in beech colour

SHERA's shiplap range now has a new colour in the 'Yellow Flame edge profile - Beech colour - with a straight grain surface profile that provides a more 'modern' look to the planks.

This new product is available in 150mm width and 3m length and is perfect for any modern siding application.

SHERA Shiplap Deline Range

SHERA Deline is a new modern looking, fire resistant shiplap plank

SHERA Deline is a new, modern looking shiplap plank that comes in several surface textures, including smooth and straight grain wood profile.

The Deline range also comes in a variety of different 'groove' profiles as you can see on the left, which give your exterior siding application a modern, unique appearance.

And of course, the Deline plank range is fire resistant to min A2 standards so is the perfect accompaniment to your high rise decking application that requires external siding in a fire resistant material.

Size: 10mm x 220mm x 3000mm.

Surface Texture: straight grain or smooth.

Colour: uncoloured.

SHERA Shiplap Planks for Interior or Exterior Cladding

SHERA shiplap plank range are perfect for interior and exterior decorative cladding applications.

Availability of SHERA Shiplap Planks

Edge Profile Texture Thickness (mm)Width (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg/pcs) Colour Format
 Orchid TreeCassia/Smooth 10 150 3000 6.55Uncoloured 
 Croton Cassia/Smooth 10 1503000  6.33Uncoloured 
 Yellow FlameCassia/Smooth 10150  3000 6.33Uncoloured & Coloured 
 Jacaranda Cassia 10150 3000 6.10Uncoloured 
 Modern Stagger Smooth10  1003000 4.40 Uncoloured 
Smooth  10 150 30006.60 Uncoloured 
 Smooth 10200  3000 8.80Uncoloured 
Smooth * 10* 300* 3000*13.2 0*Uncoloured 

* Made to order item

Standard References

 Standard Category Title
 ATSMASTMC1185, C1186-91 Flat Non-Asbestos Fibre-Cement sheets
ISO ISO 8336: 1993Fibre-Cement Flat sheets
2908.2: 2000
Cellulose Cement Product Part2: Flat sheets
 JISA5430 – 1995Fibre Reinforced Cement Boards
EC Conformity12467: 2004Fibre-Cement Flat sheets


 Certification  Category Title
Green Label / SingaporeASTM D5116-06 Emission Test
Carbon Label / ThailandCarbon Reduction 

Technical Data

Physical Properties 
 Thickness Tolerance+ 10%
 Density1300 – 1350 kg/m3
 Modulus of Rupture≥ 7 MPa
 Modulus of Elasticity 7100 + 500 MPa (Wet)
Water Absorption< 35%
Moisture Content< 15%
Water Tightness Pass
 PH Value7
 Fire Resistance Properties
 Ignitibility Pass
 Fire Propagation IndexI = 0.1
 Surface Spread of FlameClass 1
Reaction to Fire ClassificationA1
 Fire Resistance Properties
 Freeze/Thaw Resistance Pass
 Warm Water Resistance Pass
 Heat / Rain ResistancePass 
 Soak / Dry Resistance Pass



SHERA Planks - both square cut edge and shiplap style - can be used in a wide variety of building applications:

Exterior Siding

Decorative Cladding




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