Exterior Siding Projects in Slovakia

07.12.16 11:40 AM By Andrew

We've been doing a lot recently related to exterior siding, both in terms of developing marketing materials for the European region and also publishing images of reference projects for exterior siding applications in various countries in Europe, provided by our partners in the region.

The images below are from a coupe of external siding application projects in Slovakia, using SHERA Plank.

external siding applications using SHERA plank
Traditional style cottages are the perfect building type for SHERA planks external siding
Exterior siding in natural wood effect using SHERA plank
SHERA Plank offers a natural wood effect for your exterior siding projects
SHERA planks are a versatil product and can be used in external siding and other applications
SHERA planks can be used for eaves as well as siding
Use SHERA planks in exterior siding and other applications
Versatile and aesthetically beautiful results - that's SHERA plank!

External siding planks are installed in a butt joint fashion according to local styles and tastes.

SHERA plank can be painted to look like real wood siding
External siding with wood paint effect on top of stone cottage base

As you can see the aesthetic qualities of using SHERA planks, painted with wood effect, are really stunning.

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