Exterior Siding in Slovakia Using SHERA Plank

24.11.20 03:01 PM By Andrew

Modern Look Exterior House Siding Using SHERA Plank

The following images are of exterior siding application on a housing complex in Slovakia.

The project uses our popular square cut edge, teak profile, painted plank.

SHERA fibre cement plank exterior siding

As you can see it provides a really striking finish contrasting a traditional wooden plank look with the planks installed in the vertical style, popular in Slovakia, combined with modern architectural design for the other elements of the house.

Exterior siding plank made from fibre cement from SHERA

The exterior wall can also utilise SHERA Boards which are the perfect exterior wall board allowing render or facade applications using artifical stone.

Exterior wall and siding application using SHERA fibre cement building materials

The project is currently in the latter stages of development and when complete the estate will consist of 8 houses in this unique style, adding a very nice project to a versatile project portfolio for SHERA fibre cement building materials. 

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