SHERA Board for Drywall Application for Office Building

10.10.22 03:00 PM By Andrew

SHERA Board Used on Drywall Application for Office Building

This reference project shows construction of an office building, built as part of an existing factory, that uses a lot of SHERA materials. 
Design showing SHERA Boards specified to be used in a drywall application

The images below show the construction in progress, showing the steel structure and suitability of SHERA boards for drywall applications.

SHERA Board can be used as an exterior boards in a drywall application

The images above and below show the construction in progress. 

You can clearly see the exterior building boards taking shape on the facing wall (SHERA Board 12mm thickness), along with the circular window design using SHERA Board 6mm.

SHERA Board for drywall applcation
Exterior Wall
SHERA Boards 12mm thickness.

Circular Windows
In the design above you will notice the inclusion of circular windows. 
SHERA Boards 6mm thickness was used for this type of circular window construction due to their high degree of flexibility.

Interior Wall
SHERA Deco Board was used for the interior too, due to the decorative surface profile and will be coloured green. 
There will also be a red board feature in the interior, which will be standard 12mm SHERA Board.
SHERA Deco Board for use on interior wall applications

There is also a red board feature in the interior wall, which uses a standard 12mm SHERA Board, cut to a striking design and painted in situ. 

SHERA Board used on an interior wall application

SHERA are world players in the manufacture of building boards for all types of construction applications.

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