SHERA Boards Curved Porthole Application

23.02.21 10:30 AM By Andrew

SHERA Boards Used in Exterior Wall and Curved Porthole Application in Cyprus

This is an interesting and striking application for SHERA Boards which also shows there extreme versatility in terms of the flexibility of fibre cement boards.

The steel structure of the building is progressing with SHERA 12mm fibre cement boards being used on the exterior walls.

SHERA fibre cement boards for exterior wall applications

As we zoom in we can see the circular windows which have a diameter of 1.20 metres, thus R= 600mm, which makes it a very demanding task with a requirement for a high degree of flexibility for the board material being used. 

SHERA 4mm boards for curved window or porthole frame application
SHERA fibre cement board offers a high degree of flexibility

SHERA  4mm fibre cement board was a perfect match for this application and worked very easily in achieving those curves. As you can see from the image below the project is progressing nicely!

SHERA fibre cement boards for exterior wall application on multi story building

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