SHERA Decking - An A2s1d0 Fire Rated Decking Plank

03.06.20 03:44 PM By Andrew

SHERA Decking Plank Attains A2 Fire Rating Certification

We are pleased to announce that SHERA Decking Plank is now formally an A2s1d0 rated fire resistant decking material.

A2 fire rated decking material UK

UK Fire Regulations for Exterior Balconies on High Rise Buildings

New building regulations will be introduced in the UK in 2020 relating to the need for A2 fire rated decking materials on all exterior wall balconies on buildings over 11m height.

The minimum requirement is now 'A2s1d0', which means the current popular materials such as wood plastic composite decking or any materials that are 'B' rated are no longer suitable.

SHERA Decking Plank is an A2s1d0 fire rated decking material.
SHERA Decking is an A2 fire rated decking plank available in UK and Europe

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