SHERA Plank Fibre Cement Siding

12.10.23 09:43 AM By Andrew Wallace

A Tough Facade Plank for Exterior Siding Projects 

SHERA plank is a fibre cement exterior grade plank composed of natural fibres bonded tightly in a silicate structure. The autoclave process results in wood-grain siding with impressive toughness that is flexible and dimensionally stable. The product is free from asbestos, fibre glass fibres or formaldehyde.


Benefits of SHERA fibre cement planks

SHERA Planks are:

- Weather resistant

- Immune to water damage

- Fire resistant

- Provides sound insulation

- Shatter resistant

- Low shrinkage

- Flexible

- High degree of workability

- Termite / insect resistant

Wide Variety of Colours

Wood Colours

SHERA Plank fibre cement siding comes in a range of wood colours

Contemporary Colours

SHERA plank fibre cement siding in contemporary colours

New Colours


The latest addition to our SHERA Plank coloured range was developed after close collaboration with our European stockists.

SHERA Plank siding in a new grey series

Modern Grey

SHERA Modern Grey is the middle tone of THREE grey series colours: 

- Light Grey

- Modern Grey

- Midnight Grey

SGERA shiplap plank now comes in beech colour
Shiplap Plank in Yellow Flame profile, Now in Beech Colour

Our 'Yellow Flame' shiplap plank is now available in pre-coloured format in this striking new Beech colour.

Various Surface Profiles

YSHERA Plank comes in several surface profiles *

SHERA Plank comes in various surface profiles

* teak profile only


SHERA Plank also comes with a range of accessories such as:

  • SHERA Screws for wood / steel frames
  • SHERA Touch Up Paint
  • SHERA Top Guard

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