SHERA Versatility - Multiple Products  on One Project

14.07.23 04:00 PM By Andrew Wallace

Case Study of SHERA Product Versatility

This is a really great project and an example of the versatility of the full range of SHERA products. 
The building is a private house/villa, in a beautiful location overlooking the ocean in Cyprus. 
Multiple SHERA products on one project

Exterior Walls

Starting from the exterior walls, two types of SHERA board were used.

Exterior Rendered Wall, Using SHERA Board 12 mm 

On the rendered wall, a standard fibre mesh was used to cover the entire boards exterior, followed by MAPEI coloured render material, which was applied over the mesh as per the standard installation method, giving a perfect coloured rendered finish with no blemishes.

If you look closely you can see expansion joints have been included during the construction process to cater for normal building movement, as per the standard SHERA Board installation process for 'seamless look' exterior wall applications.

SHERA Board for exterior wall applications
Exterior Wall with a Modern, Concrete Look, Using SHERA Board 15mm

SHERA Board 15mm thickness, frequently used as a floor board, was in this case used for the exterior wall, and was left with a concrete look, for a really modern, striking visual effect.
SHERA Board 12mm and 15mm for exterior wall applications

Below you can see the SHERA Board with concrete look extending around the lower exterior floor wall to the side of the patio, which contrasts really well with the dark stone effect patio floor tiles.

SHERA Board for exterior wall with concrete look

Interior Decorative Wall

Interior Decorative Wall, using SHERA Deline Shiplap Plank

The interior wall around the enclosed fireplace has been clad with our latest modern looking plank range, SHERA Deline, which has then been painted in a dark anthracite colour. We think you will agree it looks great!

You can see how SHERA Board with concrete effect has also been continued from the exterior into the interior wall too, and we think the contrast in the colours of the downstairs interior walls, which combine a concrete look and anthracite dark colouring is a really great combination; especially when you cap all that off with a white floor and ceiling finish. 

SHERA Board used as interior wall board with concrete look

Garden Fencing

Plot & Garden Fencing Using SHERA Fence

The perimeter of the house plot is fenced using SHERA Fence with steel fence posts, all painted in a white finish. 
SHERA Fence for perimeter fencing

You can see below how SHERA Fence is installed using steel posts and the shot below shows both sides of the fence: from the perspective of the house owner looking out - smooth fencing, no posts; and from the perspective of outside the house, where the fence posts are installed neatly and painted white to blend with the fence.

SHERA Fencing on private house garden perimeter

Here's a shot from another perspective, where you can see SHERA Fence around the perimeter of the house, viewed from inside the plot, on the rear patio area.

SHERA Fence for use in house project

SHERA - A Diverse Range of Building Products

As you can see from the above case study SHERA offer a wide range of building products, which are highly versatile.

We are confident there is a SHERA product for pretty much any area of your residential project!

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