SHERA Floor Plank - Beautiful Decking in Any Setting

SHERA Floor Planks offer a suitable alternative to real wood decking with their beautiful wood grain profiles and colours, routing lines and edges. Suitable in a variety of external decking applications SHERA Floor Planks are perfect for all your decking needs.

Benefits of SHERA Fibre Cement Decking:

SHERA Decking for exterior decking applications
SHERA Floor Plank used in exterior decking applications

Benefits of SHERA Decking

SHERA Floor Plank comes in pre-primed and colour thorough format

SHERA fibre cement decking planks are:

  • Easy to install
  • Extremely durable
  • Weather resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Insect and termite proof

Beautiful looking Decking for a Wide Variety of Building Types

SHERA Floor Planks are the perfect material for exterior decking on both timber & steel frames or concrete base in applications such as pool sides, exterior terraces, sun decks, elevated platforms or any other kind of external decking on residential or commercial buildings. 

SHERA Floor Planks come in pre-primed or colour through formats meaning reduced installation/finishing time and costs.

The perfect alternative to traditional wood decking, SHERA floor plank is easy to maintain, tough, rot and fire resistant. SHERA Floor Planks unique fibre cement composite consisting of natural fibres bonded tightly in a high-grade silicate structure. 

The result is a material that is highly durable, water resistant, fire proof and resistant to insects and chemical corrosion. Available in a range of colours and different sizes and profiles, SHERA Floor Planks are a great substitute for real wood decking.

Easy to Install



Timber should be hardwood.

Frames should meet standard decking construction requirements. 

Recommended sizing of timber frames are listed below.

SHERA Floor Planks can be installed on timber frames
 Span Length of Beam (Metres) Timber Joist Spacing: 400mm Timber Joist Spacing: 500mm
 <2.001½” x 4”1½” x 4”
> 2.00 - 3.001½” x 6”1½” x 6”
> 3.00 - 4.001½” x 8”1½” x 8”
> 4.00 - 5.002” x 8”2” x 8”


Steel used should meet normal construction standards and be securely connected to the steel beams to prevent loosening of screws when subjected to heavy loads. 

The recommended sizes of steel frames are listed below.

SHERA Decking can be installed on steel frames
 Span Length of Beam (m) Span Length of Sub Beam (m) Steel Joist Spacing 4000mmSteel Joist Spacing 5000mm 
< 2.00 -C 100x50x20x2.3C 100x50x20x2.3
> 2.00 - 3.00≤1.50C 100x50x20x2.3C 100x50x20x2.3
> 3.00 - 4.00≤2.00C 150x55x20x3.2C 150x75x20x3.2
> 4.00 - 5.00≤2,00C 150x75x20x3.2C 150x75x20x3.2


When installing SHERA Floor lanks with tile adhesive the level of the floor should be approximately 30mm lower than the planned level of SHERA Floor Plank. 

The recommended thickness of the adhesive is approximately 5-6mm.

SHERA Floor Decking can be applied to a concrete base


No special tools are required. SHERA Floor Plank can be installed using self drilling or pre-drilled holes with regular screws and cut using an 
electric power saw with a diamond blade.

A Range of Formats, Colours and Sizes

SHERA Floor Plank in various sizes and colours

SHERA Floor Plank comes in the following formats:

  • Pre-primed 
  • Coloured using colour through painting
  • Different thicknesses 
  • Different widths
  • Including planks with groove lines

Availability of Decking Planks in Pre-Primed Format

SHERA decking planks are available in pre-primed format

Colour Through, Painted Format

SHERA Floor Plank comes in four wood like colours, in ‘colour-through’ format, resulting in less of a need for touch ups and repairs when planks are subjected to heavy foot traffic.

SHERA Floor Planks painted series
Cheznut Brown
SHERA Decking planks are available in wood like colours
Tropical Oak
SHERA Floor Plank colour through
Golden Sand Teak
SHERA Decking in real wood like colours
Brown Wenge

Availability of Decking Planks - Colour Through Format

SHERA fibre cement floor planks in painted format

Technical Data Sheet


  • Easy to install
  • Extremely durable
  • Weather resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Insect and termite proof

SHERA Floor Planks exterior decking applications
SHERA Floor Planks are idea for pool decking


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