Traditional Holiday Lodges in Spain

20.03.23 10:31 AM By Andrew Wallace

SHERA Planks in Extreme Weather Conditions 

SHERA Plank is a fibre cement plank, which is produced from cellulose fibres and cement, which is cured under extreme heat and pressure. The result: a very tough fibre cement product that can be used for exterior siding application in a wide variety of environmental locations and weather conditions. 

SHERA Plank is a strong fibre cement planks for use in exterior siding applications

This particular example shows SHERA Plank in teak surface profile that was installed in a vertical style as opposed to the more 'normal' style being horizontal, overlapping style; and the planks in this case were painted locally.

SHERA Planks come in a variety of colours (refer to this link for details), but also in uncoloured format that allows local painting in colours of  local preference.

SHERA Plank is tested to EN12467 standards which included 'durability' testing such as freeze and thaw testing. 

Click here for more information and opportunities for distribution of SHERA products in Europe.

Andrew Wallace