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Decorative Facade Boards for Interior Wall Applications
SHERA Deco Board is a complete range of decorative facade boards for use on interior or exterior wall applications
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Natural Cement Coloured Boards for Interior and Exterior Walls
SHERA Board in their natural cement colouring make for a striking look to your interior or exterior wall.
30.06.20 10:31 AM - Comment(s)
SHERA are well known for constantly innovating new products. Here's their latest fibre cement, brick profile decorative facade board, which can be painted in any colour using acrylic paint.
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SHERA Fence is the perfect garden fencing material:

  • Low maintenance
  • Rot Free
  • Insect resistant
  • Mould and fungus resistant
  • Weather proof
  • It's even fire resistant!

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SHERA Decking Plugs for a Seamless Decking Solution

Introducing SHERA Decking Plugs for use with SHERA decking planks, for that seamless installation aesthetic. 

No more screw holes, SHERA Decking Plugs come in the four decking plank colours and can be used after screwing the planks to the base frame to make screw heads invisible.

29.08.19 01:35 PM - Comment(s)
Introducing SHERA Floor Plank

SHERA are introducing their latest range of fibre cement floor planks to the European region.

These are now available in pre-primed or colour-through format, in several wood like colours.

A Versatile Exterior Decking Product

SHERA Floor Plank can be used in residential or commercial buildings for ...

03.03.17 03:59 PM - Comment(s)
SHERA Wood Products in Fencing Applications

We're going to run a series of blogs about the SHERA Wood range to highlight SHERA's diverse range of fibre cement wood products. From Fencing to Soffits, Floor Planks to Stairs, or Eaves to Roof Shake tiles, SHERA do them all. 

As we're coming into Spring here in Europe, we will start with the ...

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Are you looking for a wall board with a difference?

Why not try SHERA Deco Board?

SHERA Deco Board enhances a building's natural aesthetics with a variety of embossed patterns on the surface of the board. 

The surface textures can give a unique quality to internal or external walls and as SHERA Deco Bo...

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As easy as 1...2...3!

With over 10 years of experience asa leader in Fibre Cement manufacturing under the SHERA brand, our extensiveexpertise with Fibre Cement means we can literally build an entire homefrom this material, resulting in a more durable but equally as beautifulmaterial as natural wood. ...

30.07.13 11:17 AM - Comment(s)

SHERA's partners, Xcon, have been busy in Germany developing a range of pre-painted fibre cement planks for distribution in the region.

SHERA already produce pre-painted planks of course, but by painting locally SHERA and their partners aim to match regional tastes as well as make sure paint quality ...

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Nowadays selecting interior materials is more important than ever because of the permanent nature of built-in elements of home construction.  For example, ceiling boards, room partitions, built-in furniture, wooden doors and the floor itself. The following flat-board and wood-based panels are c...

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