By: Andrew | August 29, 2019

Introducing SHERA Decking Plugs for use with SHERA decking planks, for that seamless installation aesthetic. 

SHERA fibre cement decking solutions

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By: Andrew | March 13, 2019

SHERA are manufacturers of fibre cement building materials and are now based in Europe, with capability of supplying our extensive range of fibre cement siding and wall boards as well as fibre cement decking, skirting, ceiling boards and fencing to any country within the European region.

SHERA are manufacturers of fibre cement building materials in Europe

By: Andrew | November 27, 2018

SHERA fibre cement manufacturers have a wide range of fibre cement building materials, from construction boards to exterior siding and decking.

Another range of products we offer is our SHERA Fence range, suitable for exterior gardens and commercial spaces, swimming pool areas, car ports and more. Here are a few images of SHERA Fence in various applications.

SHERAFence is fibre cement fencing for exterior garden applications
SHERA Fence on villa garden wall

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By: Andrew | October 19, 2018

These images were sent to us by our partners in Poland who have recently used SHERA plank in a project with their client doing a housing siding project.

SHERA planks exterior siding
SHERA Planks in an exterior siding application

By: Andrew | September 26, 2018

This article is about how SHERA Boards can be used on an external drywall application, on housing or villa type projects in this case, in a butt joint installation with render, to give a seamless joint appearance on an exterior wall.

SHERA fibre cement boards render application
SHERA Boards are installed with butt joint then render is applied

By: Andrew | September 06, 2018

Our partners in Lithuania sent us these images of the latest reference project there using one of our most popular products, SHERA Plank, in Afromosia Brown, as exterior siding on a restaurant.

SHERA planks exterior siding
SHERA Plank as exterior siding on an office building

By: Andrew | June 08, 2018

Our partners in Spain, Eurocyd, sent us these images of an exterior housing siding project near Barcelona using SHERA Plank that has been painted in a blue colour which was specifically requested by the house owner.

SHERA planks exterior siding project in Spain
SHERA Planks being installed in an exterior siding project over OSB boards

By: Andrew | May 30, 2018

SHERA Continue Expansion into Poland 

We are pleased to announce the arrival of another new Partner in the Poland region.

TriPanel are based in Poznan, in the Northwest region of Poland, and was formed from their passion of modern composite construction materials with unique technical features and have 15 years of experience in the development of apartments buildings in the territory. The origin of the name: TriPanel comes from the composition of the fiber-cement material, which contains only 3 natural raw materials (cement, sand, cellulose) combined in the autoclave process.


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By: Andrew | May 10, 2018

This reference project was for exterior siding done on a family home based in Catalonia, near Barcelona.

The building is a farmhouse and uses SHERA plank in a typical external siding application.

SHERA plank for exterior siding

By: Andrew | March 29, 2018

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By: Andrew | March 27, 2018

Here are a few photos of some siding on traditional housing in Lithuania using SHERA plank in Golden Sand Teak, giving a beautiful natural wood aesthetic to the building.

Fibre cement siding in Europe
Golden Sand Teak coloured plank from SHERA

By: Andrew | March 12, 2018

Synbuild are proud to have been invited to attend seminars this month that were hosted by Fibran for their Spanish customers.

Topics covered included marketing, product and technical information and demonstrations of installation methods.

Drywall construction using SHERA board
Drywall construction using SHERA board

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By: Andrew | February 15, 2018

Here are some images of external siding applications in Lithuania, on traditional housing, using our very popular Afromosia Brown, teak profile, siding plank.

SHERA plank exterior siding material
SHERA Plank in Afromosia Brown, the perfect siding material with the look of real wood

By: Andrew | November 13, 2017

SHERA were very happy to visit Batimat in Paris this year.

The Batimat event is the construction industry’s most prestigious international trade show. At Batimat the industry's key decision makers, project managers, contractors and suppliers come together to meet and select partners and also to look for products and service solutions for current and future building projects.

SHERA at Batimat Paris 2017
The Batimat exhibition centre in Paris is a huge venue with many areas to cover

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By: Andy | October 30, 2017

Synbuild are pleased to have met with SHERA management team in Bangkok this month.

SHERA fibre cement siding and cement fibre boards are available all over Europe

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By: Andrew | October 25, 2017

SHERA Floor Plank is proving to be a popular product in Cyprus where it used for exterior hallway, exterior decking, patios and pool decking applications.

SHERA fibre cement decking
SHERA Floor Plank is perfect for poolside decking

By: Andrew | September 08, 2017

SHERA Planks are now being used in prefab housing projects in Spain.

SHERA's teak profile plank is proving to be especially popular due to its wooden grain texture and rapid construction capability, fire resistance and many more benefits.

These particular images show planks that were supplied in a raw format (unpainted) and painted onsite. SHERA Plank does come in painted format too, but stockists/project owners may choose to opt for the uncoloured format in order to paint in situ or in mass, depending on local needs and paint requirements.

SHERA Plank for prefabricated housing
SHERA Plank being used in Prefab Housing in Spain

By: Andrew | July 11, 2017

SHERA Floor Plank is an interior or exterior floor plank that is ideal for exterior decking as in this case study from the UK.

SHERA Floor Plank is fibre cement planking for external decking applications
SHERA Floor Plank decking for an external patio on private house

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By: Andrew | May 10, 2017

Below are a few snaps of a project using SHERA Plank as fibre cement siding for an application on an apartment building in Poland. In this case the planks were painted locally and the natural wood colour and wood grain texture really give the appearance of natural wood; we think you will agree the planks look pretty good.

SHERA Plank is a fibre cement siding material suitable for housing, apartments, offices and many other applications, even fencing.  SHERA Plank is available in both square cut (overlap) style and also shiplap style.

SHERA Plank fibre cement external siding Poland
SHERA Plank Siding application in Poland