SHERA Plank Grey Series
SHERA Plank now comes in three grey series colours giving your exterior siding a beautiful modern look.
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Traditional Holiday Lodges in Spain
SHERA Plank is used in all kinds of terrain and weather conditions, for example high in the mountains of Spain.
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SHERA Board for Use in Windstopper Applications
SHERA Board is the perfect board for a temporary 'windstopper' exterior facade system.
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Seamless Stucco Exterior with Decorative Facade and Decking
SHERA fibre cement products can be used in a wide variety of applications, from exterior walls to decorative facades to decking.
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SHERA Board for Drywall Application for Office Building
Tough, insect/water and fire resistant. SHERA Board is a perfect building board for use in drywall construction.
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SHERA Deline Modern Looking Siding
SHERA Deline Plank is a new and innovative grooved shiplap plank from SHERA.
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New Colour for SHERA Plank
SHERA Plank now comes in a new modern looking colour: Modern Grey
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SHERA Boards Curved Porthole Application
SHERA Board offers a high flexibility rating as shown in this case study for an exterior wall application in Cyprus.
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Pool Decking Using SHERA Floor Plank
SHERA Decking is the perfect material for exterior decking areas and pool side decking.
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Exterior Siding in Slovakia Using SHERA Plank
SHERA Plank on exterior siding application in Slovakia
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Decorative Facade Boards for Interior Wall Applications
SHERA Deco Board is a complete range of decorative facade boards for use on interior or exterior wall applications
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Fibre cement decorative facade board for ceiling applications
SHERA Deco Board is a decorative fibre cement board for use in decorative applications for interior/exterior wall and ceilings.
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Natural Cement Coloured Boards for Interior and Exterior Walls
SHERA Board in their natural cement colouring make for a striking look to your interior or exterior wall.
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SHERA Used in Modular Housing in Spain
SHERA Plank is the perfect material for use in exterior siding applications including external facades for modular homes.
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SHERA Decking - An A2s1d0 Fire Rated Decking Plank
SHERA Decking Planks are now fire rated to A2s1d0 which means they can be used on exterior balcony applications in the UK.
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SHERA are well known for constantly innovating new products. Here's their latest fibre cement, brick profile decorative facade board, which can be painted in any colour using acrylic paint.
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SHERA Fence is the perfect garden fencing material:

  • Low maintenance
  • Rot Free
  • Insect resistant
  • Mould and fungus resistant
  • Weather proof
  • It's even fire resistant!

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Case Study for SHERA Strip - Clinic in Cyprus

SHERA Strip is a fibre cement facade strip for use on all kinds of buildings as an external facade material. In this case study, SHERA Strip is used as an external wall facade along with SHERA Board.

Renovation of a Clinic - 350 m2 Covered Area

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SHERA at Interbud Event in Poland

Our partners in Poland, Nexmar, have been busy preparing for and attending the Interbud event held last week in Poland.

On display were a selection of our siding planks on stands that have been a specially constructed for the event to also show the the clever accessory range designed by Nexmar, inclu...

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SHERA Decking Plugs for a Seamless Decking Solution

Introducing SHERA Decking Plugs for use with SHERA decking planks, for that seamless installation aesthetic. 

No more screw holes, SHERA Decking Plugs come in the four decking plank colours and can be used after screwing the planks to the base frame to make screw heads invisible.

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