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SHERA Plank Grey Series
SHERA Plank now comes in three grey series colours giving your exterior siding a beautiful modern look.
04.05.23 01:03 PM - Comment(s)
Traditional Holiday Lodges in Spain
SHERA Plank is used in all kinds of terrain and weather conditions, for example high in the mountains of Spain.
20.03.23 10:31 AM - Comment(s)
SHERA Board for Use in Windstopper Applications
SHERA Board is the perfect board for a temporary 'windstopper' exterior facade system.
09.12.22 11:07 AM - Comment(s)

Our partners in the Baltic region, Stitus MB, have recently attended the BUDMA 2016 event in Poznan, Poland.

The event showcases to preserve the value of old and new buildings and to shape the environment and people-friendly living spaces in the building construction industry.

We worked closely with S...

09.02.16 04:43 PM - Comment(s)

We're proud to announce our newest regional language website in Polish!

Our partners in the Baltic region Stitus MB have recently attended an event in Poland and we worked hard with them to get the Polish website up and running in time.

SHERA fibre cement building materials in Poland and the Baltic re...

05.02.16 12:02 PM - Comment(s)

OK, so it's not exactly a 'floor', far from it, but we thought you would like to see just how versatile SHERA products can be, and to demonstrate that a name is just a name; in fact the only limit is your imagination!

In the image below I thought I recognised a certain floor plank when passing an out...

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SHERA Wood Products in Fencing Applications

We're going to run a series of blogs about the SHERA Wood range to highlight SHERA's diverse range of fibre cement wood products. From Fencing to Soffits, Floor Planks to Stairs, or Eaves to Roof Shake tiles, SHERA do them all. 

As we're coming into Spring here in Europe, we will start with the ...

02.04.15 07:31 AM - Comment(s)

Are you looking for a wall board with a difference?

Why not try SHERA Deco Board?

SHERA Deco Board enhances a building's natural aesthetics with a variety of embossed patterns on the surface of the board. 

The surface textures can give a unique quality to internal or external walls and as SHERA Deco Bo...

25.03.15 02:48 PM - Comment(s)

SHERA are proud to announce that Ikodomia, SHERA partners for Cyprus & Greece, have recently completed a very successful seminar in Greece with their sales force related to SHERA products that are available in the Greek market now.

Mr. Michalis Michael, Managing Director of Ikodomia says:


09.07.14 07:42 AM - Comment(s)

SHERA are proud to have partnered recently with Greenspan, who will be responsible for distributing SHERA fibre cement products to the Ireland and UK region.

Find out more about Greenspan, here .

If you are interested in becoming a SHERA distributor for your region please contact SHERA,her...

22.05.14 05:39 PM - Comment(s)

We're proud to present SHERA boards as used in a variety of villa construction projects being carried out by our partners in Cyprus and Greece, Ikodomia.

SHERA boards have been used both as the external boards in the drywall construction used on the villa construction projects, and also as internal f...

07.04.14 06:31 AM - Comment(s)

SHERA partners BMC based in Aalborg, Denmark attended the TUN-Byg in Fredericia Denmark last month where they displayed various SHERA fibre cement building materials such as:

  • SHERA fibre cement boards for walling and flooring applications
  • SHERA fibre cement ceiling boards in a variety of vented des...
31.03.14 11:31 PM - Comment(s)

As easy as 1...2...3!

With over 10 years of experience asa leader in Fibre Cement manufacturing under the SHERA brand, our extensiveexpertise with Fibre Cement means we can literally build an entire homefrom this material, resulting in a more durable but equally as beautifulmaterial as natural wood. ...

30.07.13 11:17 AM - Comment(s)

SHERA's partners, Xcon, have been busy in Germany developing a range of pre-painted fibre cement planks for distribution in the region.

SHERA already produce pre-painted planks of course, but by painting locally SHERA and their partners aim to match regional tastes as well as make sure paint quality ...

31.05.13 12:25 PM - Comment(s)

The Ecobuild event in London, United Kingdom is the world’s largest Green Building event and this year it was held from 5-7 March at the ExCeL exhibition and conference centre at the heart of the new Green Enterprise District in London’s Docklands.

ExCeL is also the venue that has hosted very popular...

31.05.13 12:17 PM - Comment(s)

Well, the Ecobuild event in London has come and gone!

It was SHERA's first time at the event and after hectic preparation and logistics getting everything prepared and sent from Thailand in time the event was a success and we learned a lot and met some  great people during the week.

SHERA display...

17.03.13 08:16 PM - Comment(s)

The exclusive SHERA Partner in Germany, Xcon, recently announced SHERA Board and SHERA Ply successfully passed fire tests at an accredited German institute to A2 - s1 d0 fire rating.

SHERA have already passed such tests at accredited institutes in Asia - see our product standards section for more d...

04.03.13 07:17 AM - Comment(s)

Nowadays selecting interior materials is more important than ever because of the permanent nature of built-in elements of home construction.  For example, ceiling boards, room partitions, built-in furniture, wooden doors and the floor itself. The following flat-board and wood-based panels are c...

22.02.13 04:23 AM - Comment(s)

SHERA are please to announce that we will be attending the London Ecobuild event on 5-7 March at the ExCel Arena in London, UK.

Feel free to find out more here:

Although SHERA regularly attend large events in the Asia region this will represent our first such event in Eu...

31.12.12 11:05 AM - Comment(s)

SHERA would like to introduce the world's first and most innovative product to substitute marine plywood panel for ceiling, wall and built-in furniture applications – SHERA ply.

Feel free to check out our video on an equally innovative way in which this product was used at the Hard Rock Cafe in Bang...

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